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Essington Road Animal Hospital. Branding, Brand consulting,Logo design, and Illustration work by Kelly Cardinal Designs.
Essington horizontal logo, designed by Kelly Cardinal Designs.
Essington Road Animal Hospital Logo Mark, by Kelly Cardinal Designs.
My old college friend Adam owns a veterinary clinic in Aurora, Illinois. He asked me to create his first logo in 2015. After talking with him, I noted his logo preferences, the history of the clinic and his goals for the clinic. This is the logo we agreed on.
2015 Essington Road Animal Hospital logo, designed by Kelly Cardinal.
In late 2021, Adam contacted me to let me know he was ready for a new logo to update the clinic’s image. My first reaction was, “Thank God.” My skills had progressed fast since that 2015 logo and I couldn’t wait to dig in.
Adam has a fully functioning website that is easy to navigate, but at the time it had only minor brand elements to draw from, so I did some research. To get a full understanding of the clinic’s current reputation, I went on Yelp, wrote down the good adjectives and highlighted the adjectives that were mentioned several times. I shared with Adam the public generally finds Essington Road Hospital to be “kind,” “trustworthy” and “reasonably priced.” I asked him how he felt about this and if there were any new adjectives he wanted to be added to the list in future reviews. In order to showcase the improvements made on current services and his commitment to more technological advances, Adam wished to downplay the adjective “reasonably priced” and focus on new adjectives, “modern” and “technologically advanced.” This conversation drove my choice in color, font and style.

Color and Layout

Green speaks of the kind and down-to-earth feeling a pet owner feels when walking through the door. Blue exudes trust and competence. A slightly brighter color palette is modern and speaks to technological advances; when anchored with medium and heavy strokes of black, it is grounded and sophisticated.

Below are two main sources of inspiration.

Essington Road Animal Hospital Inspiration


Nunito Sans is a modern sans serif font with a versatile 14 weights. The font is expressive but not overly so for an animal hospital.

Illustration Style

The illustration conveys exactly what this establishment does, but uses the elements in a unique way that expresses strength more than warm fuzzies (the clinic already had a reputation of being kind and friendly; Adam and I agreed we didn’t need to try to force that idea). I also wanted to get away from using the overdone element of a paw. This is the stock vector illustration I doctored for the purposes of this project.

Kelly Cardinal

The circular shape of the mark and vertical logo express resilience and a continued presence in the community the clinic assists. Below are the final options I gave Adam.

Essington Road Animal Hospital Logo Option Presentation by Kelly Cardinal Designs.

Adam now has a full logo set (CMYK, RGB, white and black) to place on his social media campaigns, website, collateral and his employees’ scrubs. I made sure to give him full usage instructions as well as the color palette and fonts as a great jumping off point for website or print identity, should he pursue more focused branding for his clinic in the future. An abbreviation of the final logo set is below.

Essington Road Animal Hospital Final Logo Set by Kelly Cardinal Designs.
Essington Road Animal Hospital New logo on scrubs, by Kelly Cardinal Designs.
Essington Road Animal Hospital logo on promotional pens, by Kelly Cardinal Designs.
ERAH Tote Bag by Kelly Cardinal Designs